Dynamis Alliance is dedicated to developing fellow warriors, protecting American families from within, and improving the products that make these possible. Our commitment is not only to strengthen those who protect the homeland and family through our services, but also to forge a network of warriors, patriots, and athletes.

Dynamis Tactical™ – See what happens when you apply the RDT&E experience and mindset to both your gear and your training.

Dynamis Defense™ – Solutions for family, personal, professional, and corporate protection ensuring absolute security of your most important assets. The best defense is an aggressive offense.

Dynamis Advisory™ – Subject matter expert advice and guidance on Visual Media, Product Development, Networking, and Commentating.

Dynamis Athletics™ – Objectively designed athletics training combining fitness, combatives, and shooting principles, creating innovative strategies for personal and team development.

To join Dynamis Alliance’s brotherhood, our experts have to be masters of their fields. Our team of warriors and contributors is composed of patriots with real, front-line experience. Our experts’ backgrounds represent a combination of U.S. military Tier 1 operators, federal and local law enforcement officers, combatives weapons and tactics instructors, certified strength and conditioning coaches, marketing consultants and product designers.

We have absolute confidence in the effectiveness of our services because we’ve been there, boots on the ground, and we know that “should work” isn’t good enough. When a product or service is “Dynamis Approved,” it means it’s proven itself in countless torture tests to ensure that the final product will not fail, period.

Contact Dynamis Alliance and speak with one of our experts for more information on how we can help you accomplish your mission.

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