We have absolute confidence in the effectiveness of our services because we’ve been there, boots on the ground, and we know that “should work” isn’t good enough. When a product or service is “Dynamis Approved,” it means it’s proven itself in countless torture tests to ensure that the final product will not fail, period. 


To join Dynamis Alliance’s brotherhood, our experts have to be masters of their fields. Our team of warriors and contributors is composed of patriots with real, front-line experience. Our experts’ backgrounds represent a combination of U.S. military Tier 1 operators, federal and local law enforcement officers, combatives weapons and tactics instructors, certified strength and conditioning coaches, marketing consultants, product designers, and badasses. 

The team has taken their combined experience and created customized training programs for all levels. From the most elite warriors looking to broaden or refine their skills to the average citizen who wants to set a foundation of safety and awareness for their family. 


After twelve years of service as a Navy SEAL, Dom Raso wanted a way to continue to help protect the future, safety, and freedom of our country and its allies. He knew that there were many likeminded people throughout the world looking to increase the overall safety and security of themselves and their families. His solution was to build a team to bring you the best gear and training available. The result is Dynamis Alliance's team of experts. 

"Quality training, gear, and preparation can make the difference between life and death." 
- Dom Raso 

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